The PRAIS 2 reporting platform

The present on-line reporting platform has been established to facilitate the 2014 reporting exercise. Following the deadline for quality control checks on reports submitted (3 October 2014), the secretariat is currently in the process of extracting data and preparing the statistical analysis of data to be tabled at the forthcoming CRIC session. Therefore, new uploads of reports that are submitted after the 3 October will not be part of the analysis reviewed by CRIC 13. However, and following past practice, country Parties are encouraged to to continue uploading reports in order to contribute improving the baseline information of data available for the forthcoming reporting leg to be launched in 2016.

Reports received from country Parties and other reporting entities in the course of the current reporting exercise are posted here. Reports submitted in 2010 and 2012 are available on the previous PRAIS portal at:

These reports will be soon be made available on this portal, as will access to report query functionality and other on-line facilities which will also soon be made available on this portal.

National Focal Points and Reporting Officers can still log-in with their credentials and access the reporting area of this portal.

For further information on the current reporting exercise, please visit the UNCCD website at:

The PRAIS Team (10th October 2014)