Understanding the report(s) data

This site allows registered users to view, search, extract and use (T&C's apply) the data collected by UNCCD as a part of the regular annual PRAIS reporting exercsie.

Specific reports are produced by each country and entity, see Country/Entiry list for specific detail.

Each report, since 2014, is submitted in the form of a completed PDF, from which data is then extracted and can be searched.

Each element of the reports data has a unique tag to identify and describe it, these tags and their descriptives are listed below, by report type:

ACP [5th November 2014]
DCP [13th October 2014]
GEF [7th July 2014]
IGO [7th July 2014]
RAP [7th July 2014]
SRAP [7th July 2014]

* Users must be registered and accept the terms and conditions that the data from this site is made available.