Best Practice

According to decision 15/COP.10, the secretariat was requested to transfer the existing sustainable land management (SLM) best practices in the PRAIS to the recommended database, once it is identified, and then to replace the existing PRAIS best practices with a link to the recommended database.

In compliance with the relevant provisions of decision 17/COP.11, the secretariat has identified the World Overview of Conservation Approaches and Technologies (WOCAT) as primary recommended database for best practices on SLM technologies and has concluded an agreement with the University of Bern, Switzerland, in this regard.

In accordance with the agreement, the secretariat has transferred data and information on SLM best practices to WOCAT Secretariat. The University of Bern will establish an on-line facility to allow country Parties and other reporting entities to continue uploading information on SLM best practices; and will make data and information on SLM best practices available through the same facility. It is expected that this facility will be operational before the end of 2104; meanwhile, information submitted by Parties and other reporting entities is still available through the old PRAIS portal at the following link: .

Information published by the University of Bern and WOCAT on SLM best practices can be temporarily accessed through the following links:; .